Traffic Accommodation Plan for the transport of wind farm components to Gibson Bay Wind Energy Farm

Client: ALE Heavylift SA (Pty) Ltd Consulting Engineer: Mowana Engineers (Pty) Ltd

Mowana Engineers compiled a Traffic Accommodation Plan for ALE Heavylift for the transport of wind farm components from the Port of Coega to Gibson Bay Wind Energy Farm.  The components included hubs, drivetrains, nacelles and wind blades.

Mowana Engineers assessed the proposed routes with regard to the alignment, cross-section, pavement condition, physical constraints, the location of street furniture and other items considered relevant.  Discussions were also held with the various road authorities to determine their restrictions and requirements.  During the visual assessment and discussions, negative impacts were identified and evaluated to determine the severity thereof with consideration for possible mitigation measures. Mowana Engineers made a recommendation from this assessment to the client on the preferred route.  Mowana Engineers developed the strategies to mitigate negative impacts, once the preferred route was accepted.  Typical mitigation measures included local widening at intersections and the removal and reinstatement of street furniture.  Road closures were required on the N2 to allow the loads to move onto the road in a contra-flow arrangement and traffic accommodation drawings were compiled for this situation.

The comprehensive assessment and mitigation measures developed by Mowana Engineers resulted in the successful and safe transport of the wind farm components from the Port of Coega to the Gibson Bay Wind farm.

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