Traffic Accommodation Alternatives for N7/Darling Road Interchange


Stefanutti Stocks approached Mowana Engineers to review the existing accommodation of traffic measures implemented at the N7 interchange with Bokomo Road in Malmesbury.  The project was behind schedule and they required unhindered access at the N7 interchange to construct new bridges over Bokomo Road.   The objective of the traffic accommodation would be to accelerate the construction programme, shortening the construction period by two months.

Mowana Engineers did travel time and level of service calculations as part of the process of developing an innovative “Roundabout” solution that allowed the contractor unhindered access while satisfying critical requirements from both SANRAL and the Swartland Municipality.  In developing the traffic accommodation plan the following needed to be considered:

·         Level differences between the northbound and southbound carriageways.

·         Ensuring that all the vehicular movements were possible at critical positions, specifically the tight radii crossings on the N7, north and south of Bokomo Road.

·         East/west pedestrian movements through the site and crossing traffic streams to be accommodated.

·         The solution must be safe for both vehicles and pedestrians.

·         The proposal must be easily conveyed by means of temporary road signs.

As part of the implementation plan, public participation was held with residents and businesses in Malmesbury.  Following the public participation, where minimal issues were raised, the plan was implemented and was in operation for a period of four months, allowing the contractor unhindered access.  During the period that the plan was in operation ongoing monitoring and discussions with the contractor, SANRAL and the Malmesbury Municipality was held.  The consensus was that the “roundabout” plan surpassed the operational expectations with the municipality receiving minimal complaints from the public, always a sign of success.

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