The Mowana Story

Mowana is the Tswana word for the Baobab tree.


There are many stories and legends surrounding the baobab tree. The most prevalent legend holds that when God planted the first baobab tree, it was so full of energy that it kept moving! So, God decided to uproot it and replant it upside down to make sure it stays in one place. Ever since then, its root-like branches have been reaching up into the African sky!

True Endurance

The baobab tree is a tree of exceptional vitality and endurance. For many communities in South Africa, it is a place where people gather for shelter, provision (“super” fruit and water), protection and to meet - a landmark that is symbolic of stability. The resilience, service and symbolism of the baobab tree resonate within Mowana Engineers, calling on us to reflect the purpose for which God created the Baobab tree.

Mowana Roots

Mowana Engineers strives to grow strong roots in Southern Africa and like the baobab, also referred to as the “Tree of Life”, Mowana Engineers personifies stability, growth, and endurance as well as being a provider of shelter and a gathering place for our people.

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