About Us

Mowana Engineers (Pty) Ltd, based in Bellville in Cape Town, is a civil engineering company specialising in the transportation field. Between the partners, they have over 70 years of experience and have worked on significant, large transportation projects both in South Africa, Africa and Asia. 


As a team, prior to establishing Mowana Engineers, they worked together for 9 years completing projects such as Hospital Bend, upgrading the M5 from the N2 to the N1 and recently the rehabilitation of the R62 (Cogmanskloof) between Ashton and Montagu (including a unique tied-arch bridge that is constructed in Ashton).

The firm was founded in 2015 and is an employee-owned enterprise. Mowana Engineers is firmly committed to the principles of employment equity, technology transfer and capacity building of historically disadvantaged individuals and enterprises. Our logo represents the baobab tree, a true African icon, with its roots anchored firmly in African soil.

Our Values

Our name and logo project us as the truly South African company that we are.

In addition to being firmly rooted in African soil, the roots in our logo represent our core values upon which our company is built. The roots, in turn, feed into the trunk of the tree that represents the Culture of our company. The branches symbolise our different practice areas, whilst simultaneously representing growth and the ability to bear “super fruits” that are unique only to the baobab tree.

Synonymous to the baobab being a place to gather and therefore being called the “Listening Tree”, Mowana Engineers strives to be a place where we gather to nurture stability for our personnel and clients and alignment with all involved while encouraging initiative, creativity and excellence. Above all, we believe that quality service will be achieved through knowledge, integrity and honesty.

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